So the meeting with my friend with whom I am walking the Camino ended up being a wine-fuelled girly catch-up that was focused more around boys than around guide books. Oh well, the next part of the plan is for me to order a Camino guidebook online and for us to set some definite travel dates. Next time! Also, my viewing of New York, I Love You failed to make any impression on me whatsoever besides providing more views of the city.

In lieu of any serious travel plans being made, I thought I would share a site that my brother’s girlfriend told me about. It’s called AstroClick Travel and it’s a fun program that lets you input your birth information (including birth time), then click on any number of locations on a world map. It then pops up a little window telling you what you can expect to experience at those locations, astrologically speaking! Who knows if it has any validity at all, or if it’s a ‘huge pile of crap’ as my brother asserts. I love doing this kind of thing so here is the link, plus some of the statements it gave me for my travel destinations:

“This is the place, which really improves your physical energy and will power. Your self-worth is on a natural high, and it would appear that luck and success follows every action or transaction. You are very adventurous, share your good mood and motivate others with your enthusiasm.
You are free to organise your time and activities. You overcome obstacles, and make major breakthroughs in a lot of areas. New starts and overseas business contacts fare exceptionally well. Do not be small-minded, but think and act big. It is best to work alone because most people won’t be able to keep up with your energy and enthusiasm.” Perfect for hiking a Camino!

“The Moon/IC line leads to places, where you can address your personal concerns and aspirations. You enjoy being out in nature, as well as being with your trusted friends. A comfortable ambience, or the peaceful surrounds of the countryside, can be the source of peace and relaxation. This time can be well spent for introspection, and to forget the woes of daily life.
These areas are well suited to attending therapy sessions or to any period of regeneration. There is hardly a better place to gain insight into the depth of your feelings and your soul. You can feel more in touch with your source and reconnect to the instinctual life.
Traditional values become important, and you are more in touch with the land and its people. People appreciate you and make you feel that you belong. Your need for emotional security is quite strong. You may compensate for this by acquiring property and goods.
The Moon/IC line is favourable for real estate transactions. There are lots of creative impulses for work on your home, and the search for a new home is also easier here.” Cool!

 In 2009 I was travelling up to Edinburgh from my temporary ‘home’ in Durham (a medieval town in the North East of England). Sometimes I went up alone, at other times I met up with a friend from Perth who was on her own trip around Europe. I had a total blast there and I’ve never been in a place with such a fun and positive vibe. Hence I’m going back! Last night I went to the Big Hoo Ha – an improvisation/theatre sports night at a local comedy lounge. My friend who is very involved in the comedy scene introduced me to her buddy who is a front-of-house manager at one of the biggest venues at the Edinburgh fringe. She gave me some suggestions as to where I could apply for work and let me know that she could write me a supporting email. Yay! Some of the places I will look into are; Pleasance, Assembly, Gilded Balloon, Zoo and Underbelly. I’m going to get onto doing that today – some of the perks can involve free accommodation, free tickets to shows and of course being able to meet lots of interesting people.



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