CV explosion

I had a very productive day today!

I have around 6 weeks free in the UK between the 29th of May and mid-July before I head up to Scotland, and after a bit of consideration I have decided to try and get work through an employment agency for those 6 weeks.

I have been working as a Speech Pathologist for the past 5 and a half years, and although I enjoy it, a large part of why I am going away is to break free of the full-time work lifestyle. However, I suppose my Mum’s dire warnings that I am not to come back to Perth ‘broke’ (like last time), must have made an impression on me because I don’t want to struggle for money while I am away or indeed when I return to Perth. Plus, I have been paying for my registration with the UK Health Professions Council for nearly two years now so it makes sense that I should take advantage of the high locum rates and make some of that money back. Hopefully I can keep evading my agency’s requests for me to have my mandatory TB vaccination.

I got back in touch with the endearingly inconsistent and bordering-on-incompetent recruitment agent that I worked with in 2009. He has assured me that there will be lots of jobs – here’s hoping! As I worked in the countryside on my last UK jaunt, I’d really like to work in a large city centre this time to make sure I have a sufficient range of experiences. My randomly chosen city of choice: Bristol!

This, apparently, is a dinosaur that is kind of made out of Bristol.

I’ve updated my professional CV, sent it off with my dates and preferred city, and will wait in anticipation for the onslaught of job offers to arrive in my inbox!

As well as the pro CV, I have also been writing my job applications for various venues at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I had to go and have some passport sized photos taken today, and will post off the 4 application forms complete with photos and a hospitality/retail based CV to bonnie Scotland tomorrow.

As if that wasn’t disturbingly proactive enough, I got in touch with Basil Peterson College today – a teaching institution in the heart of Edinburgh who offer CELTA courses. I am aiming to complete the 4 week CELTA course which will enable me to teach English as a foreign language to adults all over the world. Whilst most countries do not need or allow foreign Speech Pathologists to practice, many do need English teachers. I sent my written application 2 weeks ago and was writing to confirm that they had received it. They had! They informed me that they would be in touch soon to conduct a phone interview.



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