Not long to go now until I leave Perth, one month to be precise! People are starting to ask me whether I am feeling excited yet, and the truth is, I am! I have started moving my belongings to my parents’ house and also to give things away to my friends. I have contacted people with whom I felt it was important to make some kind of peace before I left Perth… and I feel that there will be some more before I go. A very good friend of mine recently told me two simple phrases that are so full of common sense – ‘You are only as good as your last gig’, and ‘You get out what you put in’. So true and so helpful.

I haven’t heard back from my Speech Pathology Recruitment Agency regarding positions for the 6 week period I have in the UK before Edinburgh. Recently I have been going out to some of the music gigs that are part of the Perth International Arts Festival, and on Saturday night I was introduced to a girl who is from Edinburgh. She suggested that I should perhaps apply for a job at the Edinburgh Film Festival which happens in June! I have looked at the website and if worse comes to worse, I can work as a Guest Driver for two weeks. Phew! This person also told me that she could send through some contacts for people to hang out with in Edinburgh, which always feels a bit strange to me but you never know how lonely you might get and what people you may meet! I was appreciative of that kindness.

I have posted off all of my job applications for work at the Edinburgh Fringe and so far have heard back from one of them – Zoo Venues. Zoo actually sounds fantastic as they arrange (and pay for) your accommodation, provide you with a staff pass to attend their shows for free, and tthen make sure that you only work for around 6 – 7 hours each day so you actually have time to enjoy the Fringe! As a staff member you are not paid an hourly wage, however you do get a ‘subsistence’ payment for your work across the entire period of the Fringe. It sounds perfect to me and the person who emailed me said that although there is a lot of competition for the positions, I stand a great chance of receiving an interview (via phone or Skype), because I have a good range of relevant past experience. Yay!

My friend and I have come a bit closer to locking in some dates to walk the Camino, I feel that we will need around 3 weeks to walk from Lisbon to Santiago, and my friend wants to leave as late in September as she can so she has more time to save up money in Perth. I need to be back in Edinburgh by October the 10th at the latest, so that means starting the Camino at the beginning of the second week in September. Huh? No, the math doesn’t work out does it. That’s because she has asked me if I would like to go and stay with her Nonna (Italian grandmother) in Rome for a week after Portugal! Of course I would! Besides being excited about spending more time with my buddy and getting up to mischief in Rome, I am excited about eating lots of delicious home-made Italian food! Slightly presumptuous of me, but mmmmmm I’m going to presume anyway… I have been to Rome before and saw many of the amazing sights, however over the few days I was there I became extremely sick (I actually think I had swine flu!). After my two friends I was with left to travel further south, I didn’t venture much further than the pizzeria down the road from my hostel before I flew back to London. I’m excited about exploring it again, and feel very lucky to get to do that through the eyes of a local.


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  1. I didn't know you were sick after we left you in Rome… because I was really sick by the time I got to Reggio Calabria. I'm pretty sure I had swine flu too because I had the flu shot that year.

    Ewwe piggy!


  2. Hey, yeah I got really totally sick! It was pretty major, I actually felt really guilty about being in the dorm. I got back to London and was really exhausted, in all of my pictures after Rome I look really pale and skinny and weird. We must have all picked it up from somewhere! And then spread the love across Europe. Lucky we didn't die


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