I think today I’ve just realised that I am actually leaving Perth, possibly ‘forever’, in about three weeks! It’s a bit scary and the need to write a practical, realistic To Do list is becoming an ever increasing reality. Things that need to be printed, people that need to be contacted, bank accounts that need to be closed/opened… the time for reviewing films has passed and the fanciful daydreaming has to be pushed aside for a while.

For the past 6 weeks I have been engaged in a somewhat-intense physical program to correct a problem I have with my neck and shoulders. To be succinct, I was in a car accident three years ago and although I felt fine at the time, a couple of months later I started to get tingling in my left hand. The Doctor I saw told me it was stress and not to worry about it. Well, three years, three GPs, one neurologist and three Physiotherapists later I am sitting here with tingling and nerve pain down both arms and a screwed up painful neck and back (leading to other stupid symptoms I won’t list). It’s not something I talk about in the day to day (except to the poor physios at work whose brains I sometimes can’t help but pick!), but it is something I think about every day. My aim is to be fit for my travels… sometimes I feel like this program is working… sometimes I don’t. I do know that it is nothing ‘serious’ (read: degenerative central nervous system illness), and I feel that my current Physiotherapist is very knowledgeable and on the right track, as is the exercise physiologist. All I can do is keep doing the program (3 more weeks) and hope it gets better. My basic understanding is: hypermobile unstable joints, car accident, muscle tightness/triggerpoints in the wrong places leading to muscles that should be strong switching off. I know that there are people who are much worse off than me but constant pain can be a real drag to be honest and ibuprofen is a toxic best friend.

I guess the last few years have been quite intense… and that is one of the reasons I am quite sure I will drop the CELTA course from my holiday plans. I was speaking to a friend the other day when we went  to see Sculpture By The Sea at Cottesloe beach. We were talking about his music and how he had started ‘jamming’ with another guitarist, and I made a comment about how much I would love to play drums. When he half-jokingly said I should take lessons in Edinburgh, I agreed until I realised how tight a schedule I had created for myself, meaning I would have absolutely no time to learn drums or anything else for that matter! This is what my schedule looks like:

New Zealand constant bus travel and WWOOFing = INTENSE

New York = INTENSE

Bristol working in a hospital (oh yeah I have an adult hospital job half-arranged – scary!) = INTENSE

Edinburgh Fringe Festival non-stop work = INTENSE

Portugal pilgrimage/Rome = INTENSE ++

Rush back to Edinburgh, find an apartment and immediately start studying CELTA fulltime and do assignments for at least 3 hours each night = INTENSE ++

Go to Turkeyfor a week then fly back to Perth and see everyone = INTENSE

Too much intensity! Plus CELTA costs $2000. I would rather spend my money on chilling out and flying over New York in a helicopter to be honest! I can do a 4 week non-essential course some other time.

Over and out xo


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