New York

I have been thinking about the best way to describe the time that I have had so far in New York City… and I think it is to list my experiences and to say that at least once a day I go all misty eyed and feel so happy just to be here. I actually nearly burst into tears when the curtain came up at the Broadway show. It makes me worry that I may have a mood disorder, but it’s all working in my favour at the moment so whatever!

In the last week and a half I have; seen Times Square, drunk half a bottle of whisky at 4pm with a random Russian girl, eaten in a diner opposite Madison Square Garden with a lady off the street who asked if she could sit with me, met up with one of my best friends from home, learnt how to tip, seen Cuba Gooding Jnr, been chatted up by Batman, eaten juicy dumplings and Peking duck in Chinatown, caught the subway, caught a cab, been complimented on my whistle by a cab driver, argued with a cab driver, laughed with a cab driver, caught a ferry, seen the Statue of Liberty, asked directions, given people directions, eaten at famous Michelin starred restaurants, taken some cool photos, run into someone I didn’t want to run into, played scrabble, gotten angry about losing scrabble, apologised for getting angry about losing scrabble, cried about home, comforted a friend, seen Ground Zero, walked over Brooklyn Bridge, SHOPPED, eaten famous pizza in Brooklyn, given a waiter a kiss on the cheek, eaten a knish, eaten a cannolo (singular of cannoli), realised that cannoli are gross, had a hotdog in Central Park, seen Wicked! on Broadway, got booed at for going to the toilet during the show even though other people went in my row and didn’t get booed at, quietly hissed abuse at someone booing me for going to the toilet, made a conscious effort to let it go, succeeded in letting it go, bumped and grinded with my friend on the red steps in Times Square a la Alicia Keys and Jay-Z, learnt how to walk in ridiculously high stilettos, gotten used to being rained on all the time, done the Guggenheim Museum, done the Museum of Chinese in America, done MoMa, done the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, been particularly impressed by the special Alexander McQueen exhibition, seen art by some of my favourites, discovered new artists to love, walked the High Line, been too cold, been too hot, checked out an art installation in the Upper East Side at the recommendation of a friend back home, spotted Mr Big signing autographs on Broadway, gone to a house party in Brooklyn hosted by the sister of my friend I met for a week in Spain 3 or 4 years ago, survived the Rapture, eaten great food all the time even from the smallest delis or street vendors, SHOPPED, kissed a boy, been rejected by boys, rejected boys, had my lunch cut (or whatever that analogy is), seen ultra glamorous insanely well dressed people, seen every kind of people there are to see (almost), made friends, made dinner, made up for lost time, wanted to be on my own, wanted some company, missed my friend a lot when she left, still managed to spend a lot of time on the internet, been asked by cops if I was going to jump off the pier at Staten Island because I was standing on a small bench near the edge doing some calf exercises, laughed in a cop’s face, been told by even more people that I don’t look 27 (awesome!), felt cool in Williamsburg, felt like a loser in Williamsburg, SHOPPED, eaten oysters clam chowder and tuna sashimi in the Chelsea Markets, had breakfast in Soho, questioned whether I should go to a Baptist church in Harlem to hear Gospel, decided against crashing Gospel after reading forums about disrespectful tourists on the internet, seen the Flatiron building which I thought was called ‘Flatron’, nearly gone on a helicopter ride but it was cancelled due to bad weather, seen the TV show ‘White Collar’ getting filmed on location at Staten Island ferry terminal, wanted to pretend to be an extra but thought better of it, drunk really god-awful coffee, drunk really awesome coffee, had a meal in Little Italy, had a Mexican meal in Hell’s Kitchen, had tequila shots with random Australians in Hell’s Kitchen, been asked by both white and black Americans where I am ‘really really’ from and had to explain that it is pretty much normal for ‘oriental’ Australians to exist, been really tired, had heaps of energy, arranged some more of my year, been excited about travelling with my family in October (staying where ‘The Prisoner’ was filmed in Wales!), wanted my own bed, realised I don’t have my bed anymore anyway, been tempted to change my flight and extend my stay/apply for the Green Card lottery, realised that my flight may be cancelled for me by a volcano anyway, spent money wisely, spent money unwisely, waited for a great hot, clear day to go to the Top of the Rock… and it’s today… so I’m going!!

Phew, I think that’s all for now, but I will add another post before I leave and will list even more things probably. This year = best ever.

View from Brooklyn Bridge
Mr Big (apparently he has a real name too?)
Canal Street
Dinner at Buddakan (restaurant in Sex and the City movie)

It’s true


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