It’s the end of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London, and I have been having a really laidback and enjoyable weekend. After a hectic day at work on Friday (the last day before half-term), which involved travelling from one end of town to another on the tube and getting a few more buses from school to school to boot, I was back at the office at 6pm when I realised I had to get yet another 2 buses home (and 2 back) to get my purse which I had forgotten. My original plan was to work til 7, then go straight to meeting my friend for dinner at 7.30pm near my office. Finally, after what seemed like the longest day ever, I was sitting in a cosy Japanese restaurant on Strutton Ground, sharing a slightly awful bottle of red wine but eating some properly delicious takoyaki, complete with the essential dried fish flakes on top. They wave around because the takoyaki ball is hot, so the dish is both tasty and entertaining! The night ended with my friend, Jim and I polishing off a bottle of Malbec at Gordon’s Wine Bar, which is the oldest winebar in London and has really cool underground cellars and a great range of port.

Jim and I woke up at my place on Saturday and decided that it was time to book our tickets to Australia for December! We spent ages with Sandy at STA in Victoria and ended up booking return flights to Sydney, with Singapore Airlines – my favourite! The plan is to leave London on 6th December and spend 3 nights in Singapore to celebrate my (eek) 29th birthday. I’ve finally realised that I find having birthday parties really stressful and I’m looking forward to having a quiet one this year before the dreaded 30-fest. My parents have very kindly offered to provide our accommodation in Singapore as my birthday present, and Wanderlust Hotel is the place we’ve decided on. Hopefully we get the Typewriter themed Whimsical Loft, but all of them look awesome to be honest so I am WELL EXCITED 🙂 It’s in Little India, a part of Singapore that I haven’t been to before, and I have a friend there who I’m really looking forward to catching up with. Next it will be a night in Sydney, hopefully seeing another Uni friend, then Jim and I will fly to Christchurch to see his family (they emigrated there 9 years ago). We haven’t booked those flights yet, but we’ll keep an eye out for specials with the budget airlines. I will fly to Perth just before Christmas while Jim stays in Christchurch and he’ll join me in Perth just before New Year. Then I have a whole 2 weeks to show him Perth before we head back to Sydney on 12th January, the day after my Dad’s 60th birthday. My Mum and Dad are thinking of heading over to Sydney with us and spending a couple of nights there, one with us and one after we leave, to celebrate their anniversary. So that’s the plan… I guess Jim and I are placing a lot of faith in the situation… this trip is 6 months away, the same amount of time that we have known each other. But, sometimes you just have to have faith in things. Plus, so far we only have flights booked to and from Sydney… 😉

View from our living room window

We also booked a car for the second week of August to drive around and camp in Cornwall! I recently went there for a long weekend with my housemate and some of her friends, staying in her boss’ amazing holiday house. Cornwall is beautiful  and I hatched a plan to go back sometime in the summer. Jim’s Gran lived in St Keverne, near Coverack, and he’s been keen to show me where he spent his summer holiday every year as a child. So it’s worked out well! On the way back from my trip to Cornwall, there was a huge traffic jam and a drive that was supposed to take 5 hours saw us on the road for 10 and a half. One of the various things we did to try not to lose our minds was making lists of things we wanted to achieve in the next 5 years.

My soon-to-be housemate walking towards the coast near The Lizard



(the ones fit for public consumption)
– Go to a teeth hygienist and sort out jaw pain problems
– Have a deposit ready for a property
– Do a short course in something interesting at least once every 6 months
– Do another pilgrim/camino hike
– Be relatively pain free
– Have 2 alcohol free days a week
– Have decided where I want to live for subsequent 10 years
– Read more classic books
– Do a drawing I’m proud of every 3 months
– Write a book

The next three days were spent at Jim’s place as all his housemates were away and it rained steadily throughout the entire Jubilee celebrations. We ventured out once to walk through Queen’s Park (very fitting, though inexplicably empty at 9pm), and to check out the street party happening behind Jim’s place. It was really cool to see people from all kinds of backgrounds dancing together in the street to Michael Jackson, with Union Jacks donning every house. After so much (lovely) inactivity I had a great time heading out to Angel for my housemate’s birthday/going away dinner and drinks. She is off to L.A. for a month to go to a wedding and look for media jobs, and her friend who came to Cornwall is moving in with me for the duration. Today has been another lazy one, making meals at home and helping my housie pack for her trip. I  have another 5 days off work due to school half-term during which I get to run errands that I never get time to when I’m working. Yay!

I’m off to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey now, to continue educating Jim about film. Will blog soon about our recent trip to Basel, which totally recharged my batteries.


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